A CRPS diagnosis can be incredibly frustrating to patients. Not only do they have to deal with chronic severe pain, but they also often feel isolated, angry, and stressed.  However, many CRPS patients learn to cope with the disease and go on to live happy, fulfilled lives.

Paired with treatment options that are best for the individual patient, here are just some of the ways to make living with CRPS a bit easier to manage:

  • Keep moving. Yoga, tai chi, and other gentle exercise can be very beneficial.
  • Pace yourself. It’s important to continue to go about your everyday activities to the best of your ability. Break up large tasks into several smaller tasks to make them less daunting and help you save your energy.
  • Distract yourself. Take up a hobby to help keep your mind off the pain.
  • Join a support group. There are many groups available that communicate online or meet in person.

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