When you think of back pain, you typically think of an older individual and it is true that older people tend to experience chronic back pain more often than younger individuals. This does not mean that it is abnormal for those in their twenties and thirties to experience backaches. Studies has shown that more people are experiencing back pain than ever before, including those of a younger age. Here are a few reasons your back may be bothering you:

  1. Your posture is wrong when you are sitting or standing
  2. You sit for too long during the day
  3. The chair you are sitting in is wrong for your back
  4. You bed and pillow are not giving you enough support at night
  5. You use technology too often during the day which causes back posture
  6. Your core is weak
  7. You have tight hamstrings
  8. The shoes you are wearing give no support for your back
  9. You have a condition you do not know about

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